Landscape Construction

The hardscape elements of a garden are often described as its ‘bones,’ and like our bones, a well-constructed foundation supports the longevity and integrity of your design. We believe that durability is a key component of sustainability, and with this in mind we solve problems from the ground up: from a foundation of proper drainage and soils through construction and planting, to the smallest finish detail.

We proudly practice techniques of utilizing craftsmanship in working with natural stone, wood, and metal. Our team participates in an ongoing program of continuing education that includes annual workshops as well as cutting-edge industry training for new technologies. Attention to detail is our hallmark.


Construction Services:

  • Complete implementation of design plan
  • Feature-specific installations:
    • Specialty gardens
    • Hardscaping
    • Woodwork
    • Water feature construction
    • Landscape irrigation and rainwater harvesting systems
    • Outdoor landscape lighting
    • Artificial golf putting greens
    • Seasonal color (annual flower displays)
    • Outdoor insect control systems